Loving God. Helping People. Growing in Faith.


We have been called by God to build a spiritual family made up of happy, friendly people enjoying the Christian life.

Do you find you yourself in that place where faith is important to you and you’re open to church but still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

We’ve launched a community of faith where: people are welcome to come and explore their faith at their own pace, a place where those who are hurting or lonely can find a place of belonging and encouragement, those looking to be part of something that improves people’s lives and those wanting quality help in raising their children with godly values.

At The Gathering you will find our worship celebrations are:

 ∙ Comfortable. Its okay to dress up but we encourage you to come casual. You won’t be asked to do anything embarrassing or pointed out in any way.

 ∙ Relevant. The sermons will explore the deeper

truths of God’s Word but also show how these truths can make a difference and bless our lives.

 ∙ Participatory. We love singing so much we want everybody to join in praise and worship. All of us share in the communion every week. Anyone who wants to can take part in our group discussions.

 ∙ Actuated. The evidence that our faith is authentic is that we not only know God's will but are active in carrying His will out. Its not real until there is a story to tell!

If you have a church, then we ask that you pray for us. If you don’t have a church family, come and give us a try?


<>< John McCranie, Minister